Amsterdam Tea Room
TEA COCKTAILS ________________________________________ Here at The Tea Room and Bar we have created a menu designed around teas rather than just cocktail types. Our team applies a cook’s approach to flavour and drinks making our favourite teas the primary ingredients. We get the teas into the cocktails via infusions or mixing the cocktails with over steeped strong teas. ________________________________________ So, our cocktail menu is sectioned around tea ingredients instead of cocktails; it might seem a little unorthodox, but if you are unsure, your server or bartender can connect you to your ideal drink. ________________________________________ How it works:
  • Click on your desired tea below
  • Choose your cocktail: the first four on the list are based around classic cocktail styles, the fifth is a hot boozy tea, and the sixth on the list is a virgin cocktail (no booze).
  • Order from your server or bartender.
  • Enjoy!
___________________________________ Choose your cocktail flavour… _________________________________________ EARL GREY  _________________________________________ LAPSANG SOUCHONG _________________________________________ PEACH PUNCH _________________________________________ ROOIBOS _________________________________________ JASMINE PEARLS _________________________________________ CHERRY BABY _________________________________________ MINT GREEN _________________________________________ CHAMOMILE LEMONGRASS _________________________________________ PEACH & MANGO OOLONG _________________________________________ MATCHA __________________________________________ Can’t decide which tea cocktail to choose from our extensive menu or just feeling adventurous? Why not try our Tea Cocktail Flights? click here _________________________________________ Would you like to learn more about classic cocktail styles? click here – ______________________________________ Feature Cocktail – Negroni Week! WARRIOR’S NEGRONI                  15 Genever, Warrior’s Brew Tea (Labrador tea, Wintergreen, Rose, Black Spruce, Thuja, Peppermint), Campari, Vermouth Blanc ________________________________________ One dollar from every Warrior’s Negroni sold will go to the Downie & Wenjack Fund _________________________________________ SHOOTERS: ________________________________________ PRINCESS PEACH: Vodka, Peach Hibiscus Tea, Lime, Sugar…..5.5 ________________________________________ DORIAN GREY: Gin, Earl Grey, Lemon, Sugar….5.5