Amsterdam Tea Room


Tasting Notes: Excellent Earl Grey notes accented with piquant lemon.

Ingredients: Black tea, Lemon pieces, Cornflower + Rose petals, Lime leaves

Origin:  Sri Lanka, China, Spain, Italy

Caffeine Content: Medium

Water Temperature: 206 F / 97 C

Steep Time: 3-5 minutes

Suggested Serving: 1 tsp / 8oz

This tea is blended in honour of The Baroness of Grey, who lived sometime in the 16th or 17th century and was married to a man who was a Ship’s Captain in the Royal Navy. As the story goes, his ship never returned from a trading voyage to China. Refusing to believe that her husband would never return the Baroness would walk to the port lands every morning to greet each ship hoping for news of her husband. Sadly, she continued this practice until the day she died. In honour of the loyal Baroness Grey, we blended this tea with the traditional bergamot and the addition of lemon to represent the bitter tears shed over her beloved. The dried lemon peels add an additional tartness to the citrus character of the tea making it a fantastic alternative to traditional Earl Grey.


10.5 / 50g

21 / 100g