Amsterdam Tea Room

Our small batch tea syrups combine cane sugar and premium loose leaf teas so you can create the perfect tea cocktail anywhere you are – just add the booze!


Craft Tea Cocktail Set: $20

Makes 6 cocktails


  • Lapsang Old Fashioned: Smoked Black Tea, Chocolate Bitters, Sugar
  • Peach Punch: Peach Fruit Tea, Hibiscus, Sugar
  • G & Tea: Earl Grey Tea, Sugar



(Nutritional information available at bottom of the page)




Individual 1 oz bottles: $6 each

Each bottle makes 2 cocktails




Individual 16 oz bottles:  $20 each

Each bottles makes 32 cocktails


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Check out our tutorials below on how to make each cocktail:

Lapsang Old Fashioned Tutorial

Peach Punch Tutorial

G & Tea Tutorial



See the tutorials below to learn how to make some classic cocktails using our Tea Syrups and 3 awesome Bourbons.

Kentucky Punch

Smoked Southern Old Fashioned

Bergamot Julep




Nutritional Information for Lapsang Old Fashioned and G&Tea:



Nutritional Information for Peach Punch:



Photos: Aislynn Palmer Photography