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Tasting Notes: Nutty, earthy, caramel.

Ingredients: Roasted Yerba Maté

Origin: Brazil

Caffeine Content: Medium

Water Temperature: 206 F / 97 C

Steep Time: 3-6 minutes

Suggested Serving: 1.5 tsp / 8oz

Roasted Yerba Maté (pronounced “yur-ba mah-tay”) is made from shade-grown leaves of the Amazonian rain forest holly tree. This roasted, dark brown version is toasty, slightly nutty in flavour and has rich notes of caramel. Its leaf packs a powerful dose of caffeine similar to a cup of coffee; yet has the health benefits of true tea; it is a great option in helping you get through your day without drinking coffee, and the undesirable jittery side effects some people experience with it.

Roasted Maté is euphoric; as it delivers a cup of rich roasted, earthy, and satisfying-as-chocolate drinking experience! It is a unique herbal brew, naturally high in caffeine, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants making it an excellent, and healthy beverage like no other!


11 / 50g

22 / 100g