Amsterdam Tea Room


Tasting Notes: A full flavoured tea with superb and well-defined blueberry highlights. Excellent as an iced tea

Ingredients: Organic: Apple pieces, Hibiscus, Elderberries, Dried Currants, Dried Blueberries, Cornflower Petals

Origin: Blend of various dried fruits and herbs from Canada, USA, Thailand, Spain and Poland

Caffeine Content: Caffeine Free

Water Temperature: 212 F / 100 C

Steep Time: 3-6 minutes

Suggested Serving Size: 1 tsp/8oz

This particular tea was specially formulated to acknowledge the great taste and known health benefits of blueberries. In addition to the antioxidants in the blueberries, hibiscus brings the added benefits of Vitamin A and C to the blend. Blueberry Herbal will accommodate the tastes of people who want to experience a refreshing healthy new style drink without caffeine. It is excellent hot and simply dynamite as a cold drink. You might want to add a pinch of natural cane sugar as this can accentuate the natural flavourings and brings out the subtle taste of the dried berries.

Blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants. This property plus the fact that they taste great make them very popular.


10.5 / 50g

21 / 100g