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The Triple Crown Burger is an honest, down to earth, burger which focuses on quality ingredients.

The Triple Crown Burger              15    

Veal, Chuck and Pork Signature Blend Patty, House Pickles, Confit Onions and Bacon, Romaine, Tomato, Chef’s Burger Sauce, Gunn’s Bun.

  • Our burger is BBQ’d for your pleasure.
  • Please let your server know if you would like to donate 1 dollar to United Way Winnipeg to help support after-school and breakfast programs for kids. ( You are welcome to donate more is you wish)


PICKLEBACK RICK             14

Burger Fat Washed Canadian Club Rye, Mixed Pickling Spices, Pickle Juice, Sugar, Peychauds, Pickle Spritz


Cocktail & Burger Deal              25

Get our Triple Crown Burger and a Pickleback Rick Cocktail for only 25 bucks!

Beer & Burger Deal              20

Get our Triple Crown Burger and one Torque Buenazo Cerveza for only 20 bucks!


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