Amsterdam Tea Room

Two Dragons and a Pearl


Tasting Notes: slightly sweet mouth feel, light, fresh and sweet aftertaste, lingering full-body aroma of Marigold

Ingredients: Green Tea, Globe Amaranth, Marigold and Jasmine

Origin: China

Caffeine Content: Low

Water Temperature: 212 F / 100 C

Steep Time:  Steep one tea ball in your teapot until it blooms (4-6 minutes).  Each ball can be steeped 2 -3 times.

When you brew Two Dragons, two arms of jasmine and globe amaranth petals will slowly expand upwards cupping a single Marigold flower – and so it is given the name of Two Dragons and a Pearl.  Thanks to the jasmine and amaranth, this tea has a wonderfully sweet, flowery aroma and taste.  This taste is long-lasting and will survive 2 or 3 infusions.

Price: $3 for one tea ball